Each year, the antiAtlas Journal publishes an issue structured around a specific theme. The articles it gathers are selected through a call for contributions and a double blind evaluation. However, over time, these issues can be extended and improved by the contribution of new articles that authors spontaneously submit to our journal”? Like the articles selected in the call for papers, they will also be submitted to a double blind evaluation.

Thus, in September 2021, the issue #2 is expanded with Beatrice Bottomley’s article On Countries and Hotels: Dissasembling Narratives of Time and Place [EN] and the Issue #4 is augmented with Marco Mogiani’ article Borderless Imaginaries, Divergent Mobilities [EN]. These articles are tagged with a “+” sign on the homepage.

#04: Alternative cartographies, 2020

Directed by Jean Cristofol and Anna Guilló

This fourth issue of antiAtlas Journal focuses on maps considered as apparatus that participate in artistic, activist or scientific endeavours. They are no longer immobile representations of an objective reality, but rather moments that constitute productive and realizing processes, caught in the stakes of a reality in motion.

Table of contents

– Jean Cristofol and Anna Guilló, antiAtlas journal #4 Editorial: Alternative Cartographies [FR + EN]
– Françoise Bahoken and Nicolas Lambert, Méfiez-vous des cartes, pas des migrants ! [FR]
– Sarah Bédard-Goulet, Itinéraires échenoziens : dispositifs cartographiques et roman contemporain [FR]
– Flore Grassiot and Laila Hida, Les Faux Guides [FR]
– Karen O’Rourke, Remapping the Neighborhood [EN]
– Tara Plath, From Threat to Promise: Mapping Disappearance and the Production of Deterrence in the Sonora-Arizona Borderland [EN]

New articles

– 2021: Marco Mogiani, Borderless Imaginaries, Divergent Mobilities [EN]


#03: Traverses, 2019

Directed by Jean Cristofol, Anna Guilló and Cédric Parizot

The #3 of antiAtlas Journal proposes articles that contribute in different ways, either from the evolution of border spaces or from reflections on research approaches in art, to question the founding elements of our approach. This issue is valid for the paths it opens up, the investigations it pursues and the questions it raises.

Table of contents

– Jean Cristofol, antiAtlas journal #3 Introduction: Crossings
– Edward Boyle & Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, Informal Markets and Fussy Flows in Fragile Border Zones
– Thomas Cantens, Fragile Borders in Sub-Saharian Africa: the Nexus between Economy and Insecurity at Borders
– Arianna Cecconi et Tuia Cherici, Oniroscope : du texte à la texture du rêve
– Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Boundary Works: Art, Science, Technology
– Edmund Harriss et Rhett Gayle, An Invitation To Category Theory for designers


#02: Fictions at the Border, 2017

Directed by Jean Cristofol, Cédric Parizot and Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary

The second issue apprehends fiction as a strategy that tends, through it effect of realty, to introduce stimulating gaps, disturbances and incoherences in what appears as naturally given. Through this, it assess the role that fiction can play in the renewal of our questionings around 21st century’s borders.

Table of contents

– Jean Cristofol, Introduction: fiction and border
– Elena Biserna, Soundborderscapes: Lending a Critical Ear to the Border
– Thomas Cantens, The Political Artithmetic of Borders: Towards an Enlightened Form of Criticism
– Charles Heller et Lorenzo Pezzani, Drifting Images, Liquid Traces: Disrupting the Aesthetic Regime of the EU’s Maritime Frontier
– Raafat Mazjoub, Writing as Architecture: Performing Reality until Reality Complies
– Stéphane Rosière, International Borders, Between Materialisation and Dematerialisation
– Johan Schimanski, Glass Borders

New articles

– 2021: Beatrice Bottomley, On Countries and Hotels: Dissasembling Narratives of Time and Place [EN]


#01: Art-Science Explorations at the Border, 2016

Directed by Cédric Parizot, Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary and Jean Cristofol

This first issue explores the heuristic significance of the interactions between artistic practice and research in the field of borders studies. By gathering the contributions of authors that have taken part into the work of our collective, it prolongs the reflexions and the experimentations that have been initiated during the years of seminars and conferences-exhibitions of the antiAtlas of Borders.

Table of contents

– Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Jean Cristofol et Cédric Parizot, Introduction: Art-Science Explorations at the Border
– Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Asserting the critical potential of social sciences -/ arts experiments? A portrait of the researcher as an artist (this article will be online in October 2018)
– Jean Cristofol, Arts, Sciences and Explanatory procedures
– Anna Guilló, Border Art and Borders of Art
– Nicola Mai, Assembling Samira : Understanding Sexuel Humanitarianism through Experimental Filmmaking
– Sarah Mekdjian et Marie Moreau, Re-drawing the Experience: Art, Science and Migratory Conditions
– Cédric Parizot et Douglas Edric Stanley, Research, Art and Video Games: Ethnography of an Extra-disciplinary Exploration